Virtual Memberships

Experience Timelessness

Access Jai Kundalini Yoga

whenever you need and wherever you are.

Life moves fast in the Aquarian Age.

We need to keep up the energetic pace to meet

the demands and deadlines of a world gone virtual.

Kundalini Yoga gives you the caliber of energy, focus,

and clarity to soar beyond the constraints of time and space.

Does this sound like you?

  • Depleted Of Energy

  • Overwhelmed

  • Uninspired

  • Lacking In Creativity

  • Anxious

  • Sad or Depressed

  • Withdrawn

  • Lost

  • Confused

  • Isolated

  • Body Tension, Aches & Pains

If you suffer

from chronic aches and pains in your body & chaos in the mind,

I feel you.

If you know

you were meant for something more, but can't quite gain the clarity to take the first step,

I understand you.

If you feel

there is a deeper purpose to life, but you can't quite find the purposeful path,

I see you.

We All Need

Stillness in the Mind

Ease in the Body

Expansion of Spirit

Clarity & Confidence to Step Forward

Passion and Purpose

We are born to make manifest our dreams and desires.

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if

you had the energy to achieve your goals?

Kundalini is life force energy. When it's turned on, you are tapped into a limitless field of energy.

Energy translates to health, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is possible to eliminate aches, pains, and fatigue.

It is possible to find peace amidst a chaotic day.

It is possible to shift from limited to limitless energy.

How incredible would you feel

to move through life with

clarity and confidence?

You are a highly creative individual by birthright. You were born to express your unique energy signature

A committed Kundalini practice with Jai taps you into your authentic self which is more powerful than any self doubt gripping you. Kundalini moves you beyond the illusions and false mental stories.

How great would it be to have creative inspiration consistently flowing through you?

When kundalini flows, creativity and passion flow. When you learn to move and direct energy, you become hyper aware how to make energy creative and purposeful for you. The ability to direct energy is the secret to sweetness and success in life.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this,

you’re not alone…

In an age where everything is delivered in an instant, we need a yoga practice that can hold the quantum speed of energy coming at us and strong nerves to alchemize that energy into potential power.

Let me tell you about Sarah:
Sarah messaged me and told me she had tried all kinds of yoga and healing modalities and nothing was working for her anxiety and overall discontent with life. It wasn't so much that anything was wrong, it was more that nothing felt right. Life felt mechanical and lacked luster.

I suggested she try a kundalini yoga class. After her first class, I can't say Sarah was hooked, but something was sparked in her. She was intrigued with the fast and effective way she could feel an energetic shift, but also a little frustrated with the intense breath-work in kundalini.

I assured her that her body was new at this kundalini yoga and if she just kept with the practice, the breath and movement would begin to not just get easier, but transform her life.

She trusted me. She kept coming. She kept practicing...

... And the breath work got easier. Her ability to meditate on her subtle energy body began to strengthen. And things began to happen.

Sarah's whole life began to transform. Relationships that felt like deadweights began to fall away and new exciting ones began to make their way into her life. Her previous worries and obsessive thoughts started to transform into creative, hopeful, motivating ones.

Even the very look of Sarah began to transform.

When I met her she had a very taught and serious facial expression. She was rigid and cold in her communication. Within a few weeks of a dedicated practice, she began to soften, she began to glow, and her youthful, fun spirit began to lead the conversation. Even her friends and acquaintances noticed the change.

Sarah became radiant and magnetic through her kundalini practice.

I can say after teachings thousands of students, Sarah's story is pretty typical. We all have areas we have shut down life. We all have become disillusioned with life at some point. We all get stuck in the density and forget we are more energy than we are physical.

My kundalini classes both online and in studio have helped thousands of people bring life back to their life. I look forward to helping you glow and grow.


Jai Jai

True liberation is remembering...

We are more Energy than we are a physical entity.

Raise your vibrations.

What you vibrate turns into the physical landscape in which you live.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to share with you the:


This membership is what you need to give you the opportunity to activate

the energy to move freely,

the creativity to design, innovate & dream,

the motivation to push through blockages,

the nerve strength to boldly move forward in life,

and if that's not enough, it will bring back your youth, beauty and grace into the areas of your life that have begun to feel stagnant.

Here is how Jai's Virtual Membership Supports YOU:


Kundalini Yoga When YOU want!

You want to do the yoga when you want to do the yoga. I get it. In modern times we can't always get to the yoga class at a designated time. But the yoga still needs to be done. This membership gives you access to Jai's video library of kundalini classes and meditations.

Value: $priceless


Attend any and all of Jai's live classes from wherever you are in the world

There is something to be said for tuning into a live class with a spiritual teacher. The transmissions and activations are attuned to real time energy streams. This membership gives you all of Jai's weekly kundalini classes for all the energy and inspiration and clarity you need.

Value: $200/mth


Tap into the current cosmic energies through Jai's teachings

Jai's style of teaching is quite unique. She is tuned into the cosmic transits and prevailing cosmic energies and delivers her teachings from this space. Her classes give you deep insight and inner-standing to the subtle energy we are all immersed in.

Value: $priceless


Receive access to Jai's online

Soul-Sacred Moon Time Coaching

One of the biggest perks of the virtual memberships is access to Jai's monthly New Moon activations AND

Soul-Sacred Moon Time Coaching. When you attune your energy to the cycles of the moon, you begin to vibrate with the cosmos. As you vibrate with the cosmos, you align with the highest timeline on your destined path.

Value: $33/mth


Engage with a high vibing online community

on the enlightened path

An important component on the self healing and expansion journey is in the company we keep and the conversations we have. Jai's online and in studio community is not only totally high vibe, but also offers a wealth of support and resources to keep you committed and inspired.

Value: $priceless

A total minimum value of: ($250)

Join now for just ($55)

Monthly Subscription Reoccurring

The Members Speak:

“There are no kundalini teachers in my area, so finding a quality class that I can access live or on my own time has been a blessing. Jai's classes give me an energized focus to be the best me in my work and for my family. In fact, when I miss classes, my kids ask me to go do yoga!!”

— Maria

“I travel a lot and find Jai's online classes are what I need to stay balanced. I wasn't sure an online class would give me the same motivation as an in person class, but Jai's presence beams through the screen. As soon as we tune in I feel as though I'm in studio with her. And every class gives me so much inspiration. I find myself excited to hear what she channels each class. ”

— Jamie

“I'm grateful for these virtual classes. Sometimes I don't have time for a full kundalini class and find the shorter meditative videos are also really wonderful in raising my frequency. I've practiced from most of Jai's videos and every single one brings me inspiration and motivation. The real treat is when I can join live. I make it a point to get do a live at least once a week. Jai's classes are my energy boost.”

— Christine

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you join us and you’re not satisfied here is what we’ll offer you...

The aim of Jai's Virtual Membership is to give you the encouragement and support in any area of your life you are experiencing lack.

If you do not feel supported through Jai's classes, you can schedule a free 30 minute session with Jai to receive her guidance and insight. Her private sessions are highly sought after as her transmissions are motivational and inspiring.


How do I join the classes?

All LIVE virtual classes are on Zoom. When you sign up for a class, you will receive a zoom link to join. The zoom link will be emailed to you shortly before class begins. If you prefer to do a video class, just go to the Jai Yoga website where you can find the video library and choose the class you would like.

What if I change my mind and don't want to continue membership?

If you decide the membership is no longer what you need, you can cancel at any time.

Are the live classes recorded?

Currently the live yoga classes are not recorded. The new moon classes are recorded and a recording is available if you are not able to attend the live session.

What props do I need at home for kundalini yoga?

As with all yoga, when you know your body, you will know what props and modifications you need. A yoga strap and blocks may be helpful to have near you for practice. Also, having a nice cushy mat or blanket to sit on helps as we do a lot of meditative poses in kundalini.

Is Jai available to help me if I need assistance in a pose?

While Jai is not able to fully assist while teaching online, she does keep her eye on the screen and makes subtle suggestions for alignment. If ever you need help or have questions with your practice, you can always reach out to Jai and she's happy to make suggestions to enhance your practice.

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